Our Mission

We at Titans are committed to providing a comprehensive range of unique deep cleaning services providing peace of mind by attracting and retaining high quality professionals who are supported by superior training and the implementation of consistent business practices and systems.


  • Focus on the Customer
  • Act with Integrity
  • Value People
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Achieve Results


Aside from the mythological reference, Titans was founded at the request of our clients. Impressed with our methods of extracting heavy grease and carbon deposits from their fryers we were challenged to take on the monumental tasks associated with deep cleaning commercial food establishments. Specifically it was requested that we provide a cost effective way of removing the various forms of grease and biological contaminants while mitigating labour costs and the tremendous volumes of water pressure washing companies use.

Through time, research and with a little bit of patience from our clients it was discovered that a unique marriage of tools, chemicals and processes could provide the desired results. We are a cost and environmentally conscience company offering a unique range of maintenance programs that will reduce your carbon footprint while satisfying all of your health, safety and operational cleaning requirements.

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    “Titans have done their research. They've studied a number of industrial cleaning methods, cherry-picked the best and assembled a deep-cleaning process for restaurant equipment that is carefully executed and dazzlingly effective.

    We trust them to deep-clean the most important pieces of equipment in our high-volume kitchen, and are delighted to have discovered their service. ”

Constantine Daicos, Co-founder

Our Clients