Fryer Maintenance


Successful restaurateurs understand that the only way to build food sales is by consistently delivering high quality foods at an affordable price. Some of the highest sales volumes and profit margins that can be obtained from restaurants often come from products cooked in a deep fryer. Very little labour is required to cook fried foods. If the fryer is properly managed the food cooked in it is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and very little oil is left to taste.

Maintenance and Filtration

All kitchens expect back of the house staff to clean and maintain cooking equipment but the fact is people will do just about anything to avoid cleaning a fryer. The job is dirty and it is often dangerous resulting in workman compensation claims dues to injuries from burns or slipping on oil and falling. Filtration extends the life of your fryer oil by removing suspended contaminants that are unhealthy and cause the oil to prematurely breakdown. Restaurant filtration equipment is costly and creates residual income for manufacturer through the sale of filters and chemicals. The one thing filtration equipment can't do for you is the labour required to remove sediment, carbon buildup on the elements / walls or the stains / congealed oil on or behind the back plates.

Our Service

Our service is scheduled after hours allowing your staff to concentrate on their primary duty - cooking good quality food meeting or exceeding your customers' satisfaction. We micro-filtrate your cooking oil to extend its life, our unique cleaning methods decarbonizes your fryers and we electronically check your temperature calibration to ensure you are not over cooking your food or missing opportunities to maximize your energy savings.

A clean fryer sears food cooking it quickly with little effort resulting in maximized profits. A dirty fryer saturates food with heavy oil taking longer to cook and resulting in increased energy bills and increased risk of fire / injury. More importantly greasy food does not equate to repeat business or increased profitability. Outsourcing your fryer management to us insures maximum oil usage and cleanliness is obtained while safeguarding your profit margins against liability claims and poor quality food.

Our Benefits

  • No Downtime
  • No More Boil Outs
  • Reduced Kitchen Odor
  • Improved Food Quality
  • Possible Increase of Employee Retention
  • Increased Life of Cooking Oil
  • Removal of 99% of Carbon from Fryer
  • Consistently Cleaner Fryers
  • Reduced Accident and Insurance Claims

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