Kitchen Deep Cleaning

When you are running a commercial catering service or a restaurant, you have to be very specific about the cleanliness of your entity. One of the most important aspects of a restaurant is the kitchen. Cleanliness of the kitchen as well as the overall restaurant is the main factor, which either can make a restaurant successful or can even decline its sales largely. We understand how busy a Kitchen can actually be, the amount of effort required to prep for opening and the limited time to close. With that understanding we schedule all of our work after hours to avoid interrupting your business.Processes for this cleaning will vary from site to site but generally consist of the following:
  • All hot cooking equipment will be dismantled by hand. This means the removal of burners, pot stands, oven racks, brander plate holders, fan guard, solid tops, drip trays and charcoal grills for treatment on site. Structures are decreased internally and externally (broken and missing seals will be reported).
  • Walk-in Freezers and Coolers will be emptied of racks and inventory. The entire unit is then cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom including: ceilings, fan units, walls and floors. Once cleaned and dried the inventory is restocked according to date code to ensure a "first in first out" process is adhered to.
  • Floor surfaces under equipment will be decreased using steam cleaners. Open floor areas will be scrubbed and a wet pick up machine used to collect liquid, grease and floor debris. The floor surface will be neutralized to prevent smears. Particular attention will be paid to keeping grouting free of grease and floor debris.
  • Preparation area and table surfaces will be thoroughly decreased. Extra attention will paid to the underside and the lips of benches. Guards and detachable parts will be removed by hand and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All equipment will be reassembled on completion of the clean.
  • Sink units will be thoroughly decreased externally; all areas will be descaled. Anti bactericide in a measured dose will be poured into the waste traps of sinks.

Our Benefits

Our unique cleaning methods have been honed and formulated to help address many of the challenges facing the food service industry. These include:

  • Heavy Grease and Carbon deposits on Equipment.
  • Increased emphasis and public attention on food safety.
  • Higher sanitation standards which can be verified through third party audits. Killing E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, CANDIDA and Mold.
  • Demands for improved shelf life of products.
  • Killing fruit flies living in drains and other areas where they like to breed.

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