Waste Vegetable Oil Collection Service

Does this look familiar?

Hefty environmental fines are now levied against food establishments who do not prevent waste cooking oil from overflowing or spilling into Municipal Water systems and that attract vermin. In 2008 we partnered with Wardlaws Poultry Farm. Who better to partner with than farmers with a vested interest in protecting and securing our collective environmental future? Having a shared vision to our own we partnered to provide the greenest waste oil collection service available in the country.

No More Dumpsters!

Most refuse companies promise regular pickups on schedule! As can be seen from the preceding images... that is not the case and subsequently your business is put at risk. Space considerations see the majority of dumpsters located in open environments exposed to the natural elements. Food, garbage, insects, animal droppings also rain water, contaminates and overflows dumpsters. Worse yet is the carbon output emitted as a result of the energy required to remove these contaminants (especially water) from the waste oil.

Our Advantages

  • The most comprehensive and "Greenest Waste Oil Collection Service Available" in Canada, contributing to major reductions of energy expended while removing contaminants from waste oil resulting in "lowest carbon footprint".
  • Mitigate the risk of employee injuries due to burns and falls associated with handling, traveling and slipping on hot oil.
  • Reclaim much needed storage space presenting a cleaner image to your clientele - we'll clean up the contaminated area at no extra charge when our Fryer and Waste Oil Collection Service has been adopted by your organization on an annual basis.

Before & After

Thinking of the Environment

We send our waste oil to Wardlaws Poultry Farm who use it to make animal feed and bio-diesel to run their farm equipment and trucks. Not only do we support environmental initiatives, we reduce the carbon footprint further than any other waste collection company because we obtain and clean the oil right at its source, the Fryer! Scientist have long argued that the amount of energy that goes into cleaning waste oil that has been left outside and contaminated with rain water and the garbage the restaurant will throw into it, voids the benefit of waste oil truly being green. We obtain the oil before any other contaminants have a chance to mix with it and thus reducing all the energy (and resulting carbon!) that gets into it.

Our Clients