Carpet Cleaning

Commercial food establishments are usually open 364 days of the year with extended operating hours. Although there are five methods used for cleaning carpets, we at Titans only use two so as not to inconvenience your customers with long drying times or prematurely wearing out your carpet.

The best way to completely clean carpets without leaving dirt attracting residue or excess moisture in the fibers is to use the Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) method annually. In between your annual deep cleaning we use the Bonnet (Dry cleaning) method.

In the 'Bonnet' style cleaning, a machine called a buffer spins a cloth pad over the pretreated carpet, this activates the cleaning solution using heat and friction, bringing the soil to the top of the carpet without over-wetting. Our method leaves carpets clean and dry in about 2 hrs. or less. In some cases where carpets are heavily soiled, a vacuum extraction method is used in addition to the bonnet cleaning. After our buffing process, a final vacuuming takes place to clean up the debris and small particles. While our method of cleaning is highly effective; as with any cleaning style, some highly acidic or older stains will most likely be permanent.

The advantage of using this method over a steam cleaning is that the dry time is significantly faster than that of steam cleaning. In addition, steam cleaning can lead to over-wet carpets that develop mold and permanent damage to the carpet, under pad, and even the hardwood underneath. Our cleaning solutions are also free of any strong odors or residue, and are completely environmentally safe, non-toxic, and harmless to children and pets.

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